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The unit of the Classical Crossover Sound
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寺田十三夫 のアルバム作品 "Flight Of The Soul" など、主にクラシカルな作品をライブで演奏するために、小人数ながら厳選された精鋭ミュージシャンによるユニット。

audio CD: "Flight Of The Soul"

Classical Crossover Sound Music Story Telling Imaginaly Sound Track
SOSE 05021 ¥ 2,100
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Tomio Terada
My 1st. album was released in 1972. I did recording for it in LA. It was my debut album in Japan as a Japanese artist from MGM label. Mr. Mike Cave who was a president of MGM Record (currently a president of Curb label "Mike Curb") appreciated my work. Regardless of profit or loss, he gave me an offer to make three albums for MGM.
2010 recent works

" ZERO4U " main musicians

guitar & cho. : 寺田十三夫 / guitar : TAD / Violin : 森 敦子 / (Key Bord : 恩田直幸)
vocalists : 北山 敦子 / 清音 灯 / SAKU ......

Zero 4 U ・・・since 2009

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