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june 18, 2010..... live performance by "unique3+" at gakugeidaigaku Maple House

2010年 6月18日 学芸大学「メイプル・ハウス」 に於いて "unique3+" のライブ・パフォーマンスを行います。 Live Info. >>

audio CD: "Flight Of The Soul"

Classical Crossover Sound Music Story Telling Imaginaly Sound Track
SOSE 05021 ¥ 2,100
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Tomio Terada
My 1st. album was released in 1972. I did recording for it in LA. It was my debut album in Japan as a Japanese artist from MGM label. Mr. Mike Cave who was a president of MGM Record (currently a president of Curb label "Mike Curb") appreciated my work. Regardless of profit or loss, he gave me an offer to make three albums for MGM.
2010 recent works

UCC Coffee TV-CM「Jamaica 編」

「My Blue Mountain」music : Tomio Terada / words : Jennifer Periman
main vocal:Waine Niel / voice:Albert Martin 3rd
Drums:Dickson Nasser / Bass:Ken Kotani / Guitar:Daudi Joseph / Keys:Ferdenand Senior(aka)Junior
「JigJig」music : Tomio Terada / words : Jennifer Periman
main Vocal:Albert Martin 3rd / chorus:Argie Phine & Monique Dehaney
Bass:Takeshi Arai / Guitar:Astuto Shouji / Keys:Shinri Usami

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